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Ready to level up your finances with a loan of $15,000 or more?

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Wondering about personal loans?

A personal loan involves borrowing funds that are repaid with interest in installments. With Level Lending, you can access $15,000 or more to elevate your financial goals, whether it’s for home improvements, consolidating debt, handling unexpected expenses like medical treatments or emergencies, and more. Plus, you can conveniently check your rate online without affecting your credit score.*

Taking Next Steps to Design Your Future Goals

At Level Lending, our range of loan options empowers you to take charge of your personal finances.

Life’s unexpected twists can strain your savings, leaving you feeling frustrated or embarrassed. Our team of lending specialists has assisted countless Americans facing similar challenges, matching them with tailored loan solutions.

Discovering your rate and loan options is swift and straightforward. Take the first step now.

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Personal Loans for what you need
and when you need them.

Discover how Level Lending levels up your financial journey by providing low-interest personal loans that elevate life’s experiences – whether it’s achieving significant milestones, tackling weekend projects, or embracing everything in between. With Level Lending, you’ll find numerous cost-effective and achievable options, ensuring you can fully savor life’s moments.

Credit Card Consolidation

Home Improvements

Family Planning


*Each loan case is unique and there’s no guarantee of amount saved.

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Start saving thousands with a low, fixed rate.

Have you heard how credit card variables are rising? See how you can save thousands on interest by consolidating debt into a low fixed monthly payment.

Level Lending
Personal Loan



Interest Rate

$11.66% APR*

Monthly Payment


5-year interest paid


High-interest rate
credit card



Interest Rate

$18.98% APR

Monthly Payment


5-year interest paid


Estimated savings with Level Lending

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Example chart shows calculations based on a 5 year Level Lending Personal Loan with a fixed rate of 11.66% APR, which is the rounded average median funded APR for Level Lending Personal Loan borrowers who took out a loan with a 5 year term” from March 28 2021-March 28 2022. Lowest rates are reserved for the most qualified borrowers. The ‘High-Interest Rate Credit Card’ APR shown is the average credit card APR reported by Wallet hub for Q4 2021 under their Good Credit category. The savings estimate also assumes that the borrower doesn’t take out any additional credit card debt during the same period. Both calculations assume 60 total monthly payments and no pre-payment amounts.